Thursday, January 8, 2015

Looking for Rudolph Part One: Printables Roundup

January is actually a great time to look for free printables. Many of these were added during the crazy weeks of December, where we couldn't take on even one more thing.  Most importantly print or save them to your computer now because some may be time limited freebies!

These are a couple of years old but still as cute as can be. Game cards from The Mother Huddle.

Another cute game at Over The Big Moon
All the rage...chalkboard printables....frame them....hang them! They look super cute in white or red frames!  These are available at ArtseeFartsee.
Another sweet printable. In a red frame this will really pop!  I think it would look nice with a nativity display! You can find it at: Creating Eden
There are several colorful free printables over at SmileBox  I like that the colors are not traditional Christmas colors!
Happy printing....I'll be back next week with another round up of ideas!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rudolph Days 2015


I'm going to base my 2015 Rudolph Day list (loosely) on my Great Pumpkin Day framework.

January 2015: Looking for Rudolph in all the Right Places (gathering ideas for 2105)

February 2015: Rudolph Love (make a Christmas/winter craft or décor item)

March 2015: Mistletoe and Merry Making: (Party planning 2015 holiday season)

April 2015: Merry Christmas Memories (work on Elf journal or other memory keepers)

May 2015: Holiday Nibbles and Drinks (gather recipes to use in 2015)

June 2015: Stocking Stuffer Hunt (go on a shopping spree to get stocking stuffers done early)

July 2015: Counting the Days (planning advent calendar, gifts etc, as I want to do something different this year)

August 2015: It's Only an Elf (planning elf activities and gathering supplies)

September 2015:  Weekly Challenges (set up weekly tasks/challenges for Sept-November to be ready early)

October 2015: Rocking Around the Christmas Tree (send out Save the Date cards for all events)

November 2015: Jingle Bell Kitchen (set up the kitchen for the holiday season)

December 2015: Celebrate the Day!

Each month I'll blog on Thursdays about the topic for that month's Rudolph Day...hopefully we will all keep on track!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Last Happy Hour 2014

Tonight was the last Happy Hour for 2014. It was Chips, Dips, and Desserts. We also had a wine tasting!

Some of the wine dressed up as elves!
We got a mission and prop set today from the Twelve Day elves and so we had to have a photo shoot.
Some more of the group posing with the props.
Two of my besties!
I don't know if you can tell or not but that one prop is mistletoe!
What a crazy fun evening!
Can't believe that next week is Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Happy Hours

During the month of December I have been hosting Happy Hour at my house every Thursday.  The first week we had appetizers and drinks. The signature drink was Rudolph's Tipsy Sprtizer and it was yummy. The second week we did a Feliz Navidad dinner with Mexican food, of course! The signature drink was Merry Berry Christmas punch. The collage above is from the Feliz Navidad night!

Coming up on the 18th is a Dips, Chips, and Dessert night. That happy hour will be wine tasting and will feature a variety of wines!  The happy hours have been a bit of work but they have certainly made for a festive December.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Thoughts

So last night the Christmas anxiety struck. You know what I mean... the...."oh my gosh"...I'll never get everything I want to get done accomplished before December 25th. It was time for a good nights sleep and a game plan today. First of all I reminded myself to take each day, each event as it comes.  It's when I start listing them all and worrying about how they will unfold that the anxiety strikes.
It doesn't help that the shopping is not done either. In our early lean years I couldn't shop until payday but this year I have the Christmas cash I've saved all's just getting to the stores. I ordered all that I could online and I hope a couple quick trips will help me round out the list. It also doesn't help that I'm "stuck" on a few WHAT to get. I know that I will relax a lot more once I'm finished. It's always an awesome feeling.
We have several events we are hosting this year and I've already completed two of them with the third coming up on Saturday morning, a North Pole Breakfast with grandson Evan and some of my friend's children. Its a day full of elfish delights. The last two years we have had an Elf Dinner but this year with everyone's bust schedules a breakfast just worked better. There's more to come though...
Feliz Navidad ,,,Mexican Dinner/Happy Hour
Dips, Chips, and Desserts Happy Hour
Christmas Eve Dinner
Christmas Breakfast
Those are the ones I'm hosting....we also have our trip to Historic St Charles with friends for the great Santa adventure. They have Santas from all around the world!  Then on December 21st we are off to the Fox Theater to see A Christmas Story.
Nestled in the month are church programs, elf missions, and other holiday fun too!
You can see why the anxiety tends to creep in but overall I LOVE it all. And best of all when the snow flies next month and I'm snowed in...I'll be ready for some peaceful quiet days.