Sunday, March 30, 2008

The History of Rudolph Day (for me)

I first discovered Rudolph Day when I became a member of the boards of Organized Christmas several years ago. Each month we would discuss and prepare for Christmas on the 25th of the month which we called Rudolph Day. There are still monthly postings and assignments on the homepage of Organized Christmas each month. These small steps were the beginnings of my year round holiday prep and have saved me many hours of worry. Preparing early means enjoying the holiday season more!

Over time I developed a three part approach to Rudolph Day which involves: Planning, Doing, and Fun. This means that every Rudolph Day I like to have something that is "Planning" such as updating lists or making lists, working on my notebook, looking at menus or new recipes, etc. I also including something that is Doing. This can involve actually buying a gift or stocking stuffer, working on a craft, organizing my storage or gift closet etc. I added this because I am a BIG planner but not always a BIG doer!!! The third part of my approach is Fun. I believe Rudolph Day should be fun so its looked forward to each month. So I include things like watching a Christmas movie, listening to Christmas music, drinking hot chocolate, or buying myself a small Rudolph Day gift!

Rudolph Day is a fun, easy way to prepare for Christmas year round while allowing a lot of flexibility. I hope you will join me on my Rudolph Day adventures. I will provide a list and ideas from my own personal Rudolph Day lists and journal, as well as ideas from others. Getting ready for Christmas has never been more fun!!!

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