Monday, March 31, 2008

My Rudolph Day Tote

One of the ways I organize for Rudolph Day is to keep my stuff in a red tote. That way all my Rudolph stuff is handy. Someone mentioned that they made a Christmas cupboard and now I am VERY excited about creating one. I have an old antique desk that someone (before me) painted a country blue. I am no longer into that shade but I'm thinking a nice barn red would transform it into a cute Christmas Desk/Cupboard. It has little cubbies and a top that it would be perfect. It is one of my "to do" projects but it really might have to wait until summer break. So in the meantime I'm using my tote.

Some things to include in your tote:
  • A Christmas mug
  • Rudolph Day Journal
  • Craft item (store in ziploc bags to create kits)
  • Christmas CDs
  • Christmas Notebook
  • Some old Christmas magazines or Gooseberry Patch books
  • Old Christmas Cards
  • Some Christmas scented (gingerbread or peppermint) lotion or shower gel
  • Your Magic Elf notebook
  • A holiday themed novel
  • Christmas socks or slippers

I'm sure there are other I'll add to the list as new ideas pop up! This makes it easy to grab my box and at least spend a few minutes on Christmas during Rudolph Day!

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