Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Rudolph Day Challenge

Each month I will post a Rudolph Day Challenge. The challenge will be one part of my basic three approach as it will either be “for fun”, a planning item, or involve taking some action to “do” something. The Challenge will be an additional item not one of the ideas listed on the Monthly Magic list. This is a challenge to make us stretch ourselves and do just a little bit more each month. The challenge can be completed anytime BEFORE Rudolph Day. It does not have to be done on Rudolph Day itself.

The April Rudolph Day Challenge is a PLANNING item.

***Get your Master Christmas list. Beside each person’s name on the list write at least two gift ideas. Search online for ideas!

This challenge is particularly important because it is the foundation for gift giving. Even if you end up buying something else you have ideas to fall back on! When you have completed the challenge post a comment here. I'm working on another little reward for Challenge completers...but more about that later!!!


Cathy Miller said...

I like the challenge. I addressed it on Pumpkins and Reindeer, then I issued my own personal challenge. If you want to respond to t, great! If not, that's ok too..just a personal thing for me.

Aggy said...

This is one challenge that I can say I've done. I made a list of all my family and friends and wrote down gift ideas that I've heard them talk about in everyday conversations. The only two people who I have trouble thinking of gifts ideas for are my mom and stepdad.

Lucinda said...

Thanks so much for this challenge, a very important one. It is one of the few things I got done yesterday. I was pleased to see that I had more ideas than I orginally thought and now it is down on paper. Thanks again!!