Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Rudolph Day Plans

Okay tomorrow is May first so time to start thinking about May Rudolph Day. This month I will use the items from my personal list...which happens to be the same as the ones listed on the May Monthly Magic list.....well duh....cause I wrote them both!!! LOL

  • Finalize Baking Plans (4 cookies and 2 candies) I know it seems awfully early but last year I kept putting this off and in the end I felt stressed and rushed.
  • Update Christmas Recipe Notebook...I thought this was a natural to go along with the first item on the list. And with the next items also.
  • Finalize menu plans for ALL events. I have planner sheets for any major events I plan on hosting as well as a "cheat sheet" where I list carry in and party dishes for events we are invited to...where we are expected to bring a dish. I'll pop back in in a few days and provide you with the list of all events, just as a reference or idea for your own.
  • Buy four gifts. I am trying really hard to get ahead of the game but it is a little difficult sometimes!!!

So those are the four main biggies for MAY...I think I might start working on them a little early this month!

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