Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rudolph Day List from April Monthly Magic

Here are the four Rudolph Day items from the April Monthly Magic list:

1. Inventory your Christmas DVDs, videos, and books.

2. Add to your cash for Christmas fund

3. Make your Christmas cards

4. Make a twenty four days of Christmas activities list. Create kits for the activities.


teresa said...

Sorry if this a duplicate, but I would love to see comments from others with ideas for crafts for 24 days of Christmas, we don't have much craft experience but would like to do more.

Ginger said...

Are you looking specifically for kids crafts or adults? I will be sharing ideas for some of the kits I'm making. If you are a member over at the Holiday Magic boards I think there might be a thread there or we can start one.
One of the Rudoplph Day dealing with the cards from this past year...I am going to make a little art kit out of mine for Evan. More details later.