Thursday, June 12, 2008

June Rudolph Day Plans

Since we will be on vacation for the actual June Rudolph Day I am planning to do some Ruddy Day stuff everyday between now and the end of the month. While on vacation I can look for stocking stuffers and gifts since those are on my June list. I am also taking my Christmas Notebook with me so I can work on it a bit as well.

Other June Items:

Decor: Definately a must. I plan on working on sorting some items by room and cutting down a bit on items. So fine tuning my decorating even if it means EVERY item doesn't get used EVERY year! This is a hard one for me because I love it all!!!

List Making: Getting those master lists made is very important because with the economy the way it is I plan on starting as early as August buying ingredients that will keep.

With the year flying by I am starting to feel the pressure to GET something done each month. So wish me luck!!


Carrie said...

I took my holiday notebooks with me on vacation last month-- smart move! I got lots done while we drove.

Happy Planning! -- Hope you get lots done.

Cathi said...

A warning about cutting back on decorations.....the kids notice. I tried to cut back one year and my adult daughers about had a fit. If you ease back each year on just a few things, the kids may not notice as much. I think I created a monster!