Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rudolph Day Notes

Well May has come and gone and I am yet to update my Rudolph Day list. I had big plans and high hopes for May ....ummm...perhaps a bit too high. I did get some gifts bought...Hooray!

And I did at least think about my baking, candy, and menu planning ....BUT alas no decisions were really made. So I will work on them now! Whether it is Rudolph Day or not. I will need menus for the following:

Friendship Gratitude Brunch
Christmas Tea (ornament exchange)
Christmas Party (theme TBA)
Christmas Eve
Christmas Breakfast

My goal for baking is five types of cookies and two candies. I plan on experimenting a bit with cookies over the summer unless heat prevents see which ones actually freeze well. I have never had good luck with freezing but I wonder if it is because I end up freezing left overs rather than the fresh batch of cookies.

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