Thursday, July 9, 2009

Catching Up With Christmas in July

Missed a few thought I'd post some "catch up" thoughts today. I've been thinking a lot about stocking stuffers and items for the 24 Days gifts. Last year I really cut down on the items in stockings and no one seemed to notice at all. So I really want to get this "done" ahead of far I've set two deadlines for that...and it hasn't happened the new deadline is the end of August!
The Twenty Four Days of Christmas gifts are another story and more difficult...I think they are about half done. The problem is...just buying random stuff isn't very exciting because if its just "cheap junk" that is going to be tossed aside then whats the I need to seriously look at this and see how to make it more meaningful to the people receiveing them.
Well, one reason I got off track is this week my husband is off work...LOL...its always harder to get stuff done when he's under foot...THEN the week of July 20th I'll be at the beach for five days...soooo sorrry but Christmas in July will be on hold while I enjoy the sun, surf and relax a bit before I go back to work on July 27th.


printersdevil said...

I love the beach. Can I go?

Cathi said...

That's kind of how I felt about the 12 Days of Christmas. I didn't want to buy junk just for the sake of having a gift for it to wind up in the trash (which did with a couple of things the boys got). But sometimes practical stuff that they will use isn't so much fun. I guess we'll both have to do some more thinking on this one!

Aggy said...

I'm loving your blog. Very cute.