Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day One: Christmas Planning

Christmas Planning isn't just a's an attitude! LOL. The truth is every year I always swear to be more organized...and every year in the hustle and bustle of daily life...things get left undone...or unfinished....or even unstarted....and it drives me to the first RULE of Christmas Planning 2009.....SIMPLIFY.....I've said it before...but this's time to LIVE it...

During July I will be making lists, organizing my notebook, perhaps even getting those cards made and signed....but one thing that will be in my mind the most is the SPIRIT of the season....not just gifts and good food...but the idea that the loving kindness we show each other is what makes us human....that small things DO fact maybe even more than the BIG things!

Two practical goals for the month...things that over the long haul will really make a difference!! I plan to finish up all stocking stuffers and 24 Days of Christmas gifts....then I want them tucked away in their shopping sized gift bags, labeled with names and ready for holiday fun...Last year these "little items" caused me more stress than the bigger time to get them finished up. I already have a list started and some things purchased...time to examine and update the list and then make those final buys...!!!

Join me...Christmas Planning is an attitude and it's time to get yours ready for the best Christmas ever!!

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