Friday, July 3, 2009

Day Three: Flavored Water Bottles

As soon as I saw these over at Angelosity...I fell in love with them...and the possibilites...use Christmas themed paper and you have great little party favors...or a little something special to tuck in a gift basket. You can take a look at the post about them HERE. Perhaps with an Elf theme, they could be used as small gifts from the elves or as part of the 24 Days of Christmas gifts. Oh the possiblities are simply endless!!

Below is a slightly different take on a water bottle from over at Lizzie Anne Designs. I'm envisioning Christmas paper and a tag...not sure what kind of Christmas party I could create to use these but there has to be something AND if not...maybe for my BOO BASH.....using Halloween materials!!

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printersdevil said...

These are great. TFS, I am headed over the links you posted now.