Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day Two: Christmas Planners

Today I'm focusing on my Christmas Notebook and a few files that I use for Christmas Planning...I use a VERY basic (goes along with simplify) three ring binder to house most of my Christmas planning stuff. There are however tons and tons of ideas for fabulous notebooks, folders, planners etc.

Check out Christmas Planners (a site by CEO of Organized Christmas). This site has a wonderful round-up of Christmas planner ideas...each one is beautiful and useful too. i really like the altered spiral notebook featured above because the idea of a brand new notebook for each year is VERY appealing...I could envision it as PLANNER and MEMORY BOOK all rolled up in one...

Then we have one of my faves...Melinda's Notebook Tour...featuring the Holiday Grand Plan...its simple, its organized, it works!!

Here's a very simple, easy to use notebook planner at Training Tons of Sons.
There are soooo many possibilities....BUT I know me...tried and true and simple works best....otherwise I get sooo caught up in creating the "perfect" Christmas planner that I never get any planning done!! See you tomorrow for another tidbit of Christmas planning!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Visually striking blog Ginger! I'm looking forward to reading more.

Ali aka Merry Sage

TeresasCrafts a.k.a. CandyCanesnews said...

love the blog! as for my christmas planner, I liked mine from 2008 so much that instead of redoing it I am going to make a new one from another notebook. I think I may need to get busy on that this month!

printersdevil said...

Ginger, this is beautiful. Thanks for all the links to the different planners. I spent almost two days in early Feb. printing off sheets for my planner. They are all pretty and I even got the divider sheets all stored in plastic sleeves and....
Well, that is where it still stands. :( Bad, bad printersdevil.

I guess I have just given myself a focus for CIJ. Thanks for the inspiration.