Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Simple Christmas Centerpieces

You MUST check out the slide show over at Better Homes and features 40 easy to do Christmas Centerpieces...So FUN...bright and colorful...and best of all using items you may very well already have on hand. The one shown above uses a red them in a silver serving bowl...just gather up ornaments and garland in the color theme of your choice and create a quick simple centerpiece.
This glass vase is filled with gold items...notice the varied sizes which makes the display more interesting.

I'm not a big fan of black but this is a different type of centerpiece. Notice the varied heights of the display adding visual appeal.

This one uses two mini tress and a bowl of you can see this is set in a French style kitchen using mainly white and red as the color scheme.

This is one of my faves....the simple glass candle stick holders repurposed as a centerpiece...again varied heights......the plain red balls have been decorated with gold glitter paint to spell NOEL...but use your imagination and I'm sure you can think of a variety of Christmas words that might work well....JOY comes to mind!!


House Elf said...

BHG has wonderful slideshows! I have saved the 'flowers and votives' centerpiece - the curly twigs are really neat.

Aggy said...

I really like the candle stick centerpieces spelling out NOEL. TFS

Cathy Miller said...

I love the French kitchen and it's tree centerpieces! Very tres chic!

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