Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rudolph Day May 2010

Rudolph Day to me is about a bit of prep and a bit of fun. So I hope today you had a tiny bit of Christmas Cheer.

Some things to be pondering and how they relate to life.

1. Rudolph was a misfit....remember the Island of Misfit Toys? But really what makes someone a misfit...because they do not fit the "social norm"? Wow, look at society today. Is there a norm and if there is...is it really something we want to fit?

2. Rudolph tried to run away and in the end that didn't work out too well. Luckily he had some friends to come bail him out. Running away from problems rarely solves them. Just like in Christmas prep. Worried about how you will afford Christmas? Waiting till the last minute isn't going to make it any better. Make some decisions now about how to simplify and then start doing some small things now to afford a wonderful Christmas. Not elaborate....just WONDERFUL.

3. Even wise people make mistakes. Santa went along with the group and didn't quite see how special Rudolph was. He was old and wise and kind hearted but he still made a mistake. Remember that just because some one is "suppose" to be wise doesn't make them an expert. Even experts make mistakes.

Happy Rudolph Day....and I'll see you again next month with some teachings from Rudolph and some notes on how things are progressing at my house!

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Shakerwood said...

Wonderful analogies! Something we all need to pay heed to.