Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy August Rudolph Day!

It's finally here....the magic month we have been waiting for...the Month of the Elf.....and there are at least FIVE key places you can read about Magic Elves from now until September 24th.

Rudolph Ramblings: You can read about the magic elves and this wonderful Christmas tradition...right here at Rudolph's Ramblings. I'll be posting throughout the month when the whim strikes. I'll be looking for some books, ornaments, and elfcapades to share with you.

Magic Elves: My Magical Holiday Home blog: Magic Elves will feature daily elf postings.  I"ve searched the internet to find some fun and delightful things to feature at Magic Elves. I hope you'll enjoy my discoveries!

Magical Holiday Home blog:  Throughout the month I'll be featuring Magical Holiday Home members elves on the MHH blog home page along with other elf goodies!

Magic Elves Forum:  This forum is part of the Magical Holiday Home forums and is sure to be abuzz with members ideas and conversations about elves! Make sure you visit us!

Rudolph  There will be a few tidbits of Magic Elf lore and fun over at Rudolph So please stop by and leave a comment too if you are so inclined.

I imagine there will be other members blogging about elves I'll give a Shout Out when I see some elf posts! This month is sure to be fun filled!!



Tammy said...

I am going to put off my elfing one more kids, but I SO want to do it for DH.

However, I think I'll wait til we move, so I have a new tradition for our new home.

I just LOVE the idea of this, though, and always look forward to seeing the fun y'all come up with!

Terra said...

Hi, I am happy to find your blog. I have 2 blogs and one is devoted to Christmas. I co-wrote a book about celebrating Christmas and my co-authors and I post there 5 days a week. I love the idea of Rudolph Day.