Monday, August 30, 2010

Snowmen Clay Pots

Here's another super thrifty craft that would also make a cute little present for your child's teacher. A pair of clay pot snowmen. These are made with a little clay pot, wooden ball, buttons, some paint and fabric scraps. Aren't they delightful?  So easy to make and you could make them to match any color scheme. I also have an elf one I'll be posting about over at Magic Elves a little later! This idea comes from How Did I Do It? 

When I was cruising the resale shops I found several little clay pots that I picked up for a quarter each...didn't know exactly what I was going to use them for but now I know...witches, elves, and snowmen!!  It's sure to be a super fun fall and winter!!  On the SAME trip I also picked up two bags of wooden heads (3 in each bag) for a quarter a dollar for 4 pots and 50 cents for six wooden heads....SCORE!!


Mandie said...

Those snowmen are so cute. What a great and inexpensive idea for gifts. Your stores are very cool. I love the movies and books you have available!

Anonymous said...

They are adorable!!

Denise Marie said...

very cute. I thought they were styrofoam at 1st.

Celestial Charms said...

Love these. So cute.

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, my goodness... Your header is just wonderful!
And, I love the clay pots!
Thank you for sharing!