Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy June Rudolph Day

Okay. I'm cheating a little and posting this a few days AFTER Rudolph Day...but I was camping when Rudolph Day rolled around....but hey even so...I managed to pick up a stocking I accomplished a tiny bit.

In just a few days Christmas in July will in Missouri the weather will be hot and sunny and maybe even thunderstorms but I'll be enjoying thoughts of Christmas. It's July when my thoughts really get geared up for shopping, organizing and preparing. The last couple years I've worked toward simplifying Christmas and it has been a rewarding experience...less really is more at times.

Things I've cut back on include:

1, Stocking Stuffers: I refused to get sucked into all the cute gimicky things that are out there for stocking stuffers. Reason: There still sitting around come July, often without being touched. So I am trying to opt instead for a couple cute things, a couple practical things and a couple wild cards. Six is the limit....and last year it worked out just one felt slighted at all.

2. Parties: A friend decided to host a Christmas party for our "friend" group in 2010 and she did an awesome I opted OUT of hosting a Christmas party. We still did the annual Gratitude Brunch Thanksgiving weekend Sunday and it was just the right kick off for the holiday season. We included an ornament exchange. My daughter wanted to host our small extended family party on a Sunday before Christmas so I helped her with that and it was the perfect setting. AND it took that off my responsibility list! I always have a Christmas Eve Dinner for family and a few close friends. Last year was fingerfoods so this year is an actual buffet dinner. Need to get a simple menu in place!!

3. Gifts: Cut down slightly on gifts and it worked well. I still might cut back a bit more this year. Christmas is not just gifts. It's so much more. Another thing I did to simplify was do gift a movie, a book, some clothes, house item, etc. That way my children got an assortment and it helped me focus on what to be looking for.

4. Crafts: I've never been a huge craft person but I am always lured into wanting to "make" something. Sometimes even when it turns out great its still just one more thing to store and display. So I virtually did NO crafts in 2010...didn't miss them at all...used my creativity for the decor and the party favors etc. 

5. Decor: I put out probably a fifth of my Christmas decor in 2010 and the house still looked fully decorated. I am slowly getting rid of some things unless I really LOVE them but I also realize that it's ok to keep then and just alternate years that I use them. There are a few things that I want out every year but not all. It sure made the decorating AND the de-decorating a lot easier. I still have a long way to go decluttering and organizing the stuff but it's very freeing!!  I also try to re-purpose and use things I already have on hand for centerpieces etc. rather than adding more "things" to my overflowing house!

I'll keep you up to date on my Simplifying Christmas efforts!!  And now......Christmas in July will be arriving SOON!!!


Terri said...

I am doing the same thing, simplifying and making sure that I keep the best. I am glad to hear of others doing the same!

BabiesandBargains said...

I need to cut back as well which calls for me being more organized

Luludou said...

Simplifying Christmas is a great idea. I have to work on that this year too