Monday, July 4, 2011

Christmas in July Candy Ornaments

What would a Sweet Candy Christmas be without some candy ornaments. Check these cuties out over at Trendy Tree.

Some of their items are out of stock right now but it's a site worth bookmarking for future use! Check out the elves and candy too...

What a super cute set and they would be perfect for an elf tree!!!


pencechristmastreefarm said...

Thank you so much for browsing our site and posting some of our items! About half of our RAZ products have arrived, and the remaining should be coming in within the next few weeks. Items that are shown "out of stock" just haven't arrived yet. Thanks again!
Jeannie Pence
Trendy Tree Website

Ginger said...

It's good to know because they are super cute...I have my eye on that elf candy set... :)