Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Elf Door

So our elves have arrived in full force and this year they have their own little magic door.

I painted a simple piece of wood Christmas red...added a button door knob and a couple little scrapbook pieces for the hinges. The wreath is also a scrapbooking sticker put it's three dimensional not flat. Next I made a little sign to hang above the door that says Elves Only.  I put it near the basebooard in the living room. I can't wait for Evan to come over tomorrow night and discover it!  A whimsical magical little door.

My daughter (mother to Evan) pointed out that only the little elves can fit through it and not our two bigger ones but I told her that elves are magical so of course they can shrink down and fit right through!  I'm going to leave a little gift by the door for Evan to discover also!

More elf fun later!! 


Sandy said...

How adorable! I bet fairies can use it too!

Danice said...

Oh how darling! I also adore Christmas elves. I am now a follower. I love your blog and Christmas :)