Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Art Journal Day 4

I have several shots of Day Four because I added some little details like a card insert and also a little mini page protector insert.

This is the first picture. The back of the day three page is a card front plus I added some three dimensional snowflakes. I also added the foam tag Santa. The Joy is also a card front which I thought was pretty. As you can see right now I still have the album bound with twine. I started out using those binder rings and they worked great...except as the album got chunkier they kept coming loose and it was difficult to turn pages. The next time I am at Michael's I am going to see if they have larger rings.

This second picture shows the back of the JOY card. I covered it with red and white polka dotted paper and some lace paper. I also cut out the Saint Charles insert from a paper we had describing the event. Inside the little Santa gift tag I glued a little paragraph I journaled/typed up about our day. On the opposite page you see a little two card plastic insert. It is holding two of the cards we collected from the Santas that day. They had Santa's from around the world and other characters like the reindeer instructor. Each one handed out cards.

This third picture shows the last part of page four. I used the red and white paper again and a small piece of a card and a glitter three dimensional holly leaf. Then I glued a card from the event that shows the Frontier Santa and an actual picture of Evan with the Frontier Santa that we took that day. You can see the backs of the cards that are in the insert. They decribe a little about whichever character is pictured on the card and they are also number. There are 33 cards to collect. We got a lot of cards but not all 33.  This is one of my favorite pages because it was such a fun Christmas outing and I like all the elements I had to add to this day!

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