Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Art Journal Day Three

This is shot one of Day Three. The page on the left is created with an old Christmas card front, some sticking lace trim and a little foam sticker that says Merry. the insert is another Christmas card front that is really pretty. The picture doesn't really show it but the snowflakes are foil like and are three dimensional.

This is the second shows the back of the card to which I attached a printed Victorian Santa picture. The other page highlights the silent auction item I made for our school Christmas party and fundraiser. We raise money for the local Adopt a Family Christmas. I used scrapbook paper, the cards I had printed for my basket and then added the silver star is also what I tied the basket up with! :)   I like this page more for the memories it evokes than for the actually "artsyness" of it.

With that being said, I had the most difficult time with days where I did not have a certain theme or event to work with. The whole idea of December Daily is to find an event or theme or idea from the day to work with. I didn't really follow the December Daily blog/ideas list etc for a reason. When I tried Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas a few years back I got totally overwhelmed with the GREATNESS everyone else was creating and I was either behind, short on creativity, or short on this year I wanted to do it totally on my own using materials i had on hand. I still received the Journal Your Christmas prompts in my mailbox everday too because once you take the class you get the stuff every year which is awesome. I think I opened one to take a look. the rest are unopened. There are some cool printables etc so I am going to look at and print etc ones I want during Christmas in July....I will open an email each day and look at materials etc!

In 2012 I will most likely check the December Daily for inspiration but still do what ever strikes me. Who knows I might even open those Journal Your Christmas emails for even more creative inspiration. That's it for today. I discovered some other great things during the art journal process which I'll share with you as the "day" comes up where the thought actually hit

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