Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Art Journal Day Two

So the front cover that I posted yesterday was actually Day One. The next time I do the Christmas Art Journal I will make a cover and then start Day One of the first page. So that is the first thing I learned from the process. It's NOT a must but something different I want to do next time. I was somewhat limited because I used the index card dividers and there were exactly 25 of those.  Another thing is I have a love-hate relationship with the little index tabs that stick out. I know a lot of Christmas journals I saw pictures of, have them, but some times they are hard to work with, blending them in some meaningful way into the art.

This is page is one of those pages that evolved over time. The Dicken's quotation is on the back of the cover page. I originally wanted to just use pretty papers on the backs but then they looked so "empty" that I just couldn't leave them be.  The other page I consider a "cheat" because it is really the front of an old Christmas card...but I loved I used it. In the future pages you will see more cards but most of them I used as inserts rather than as the page itself. 

Another thing I tried to "let go of" was the idea that the two pages had to "coordinate". See here the quotations page does not at all "match" the other page. This is another thing I have a love-hate relationship with.  I tend to want "matching looks" but then it appears more "scrapbooky" and less art journally. I find that the binding allows me to look at each page by itself so its less important. I also strived to use only materials I already had in my stash so that meant things did not always "match".

So I picked the card front because I loved it and the quotation because I loved can one go wrong with things loved??

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