Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Art Journal

So today I found this package of index card dividers....they were the 5 x 8 size and I thought hmmm....maybe I could play around with these and create a Christmas Art Journal....they aren't as stiff as chipboard but they are cheap and easy to punch holes in for the rings or perhaps I'll use ribbon. December's a busy time but I am going to work on my art journal throughout December. It has 25 pages so perfect for one a day from here until Christmas...and if I miss a day I can do it the week after Christmas. My goal is 25 pages...I started out by painting the first page for today. It buckled up a little so I probably won't use any more paint although it was the scrap book paint so perhaps I can get it to flatten out. I'm waiting for it to dry. I'm going to use the little tabs to put a number 1-25 on them to chronical the month.


I'm not sure exactly what it will look is an art journal afterall. :)  I printed off a black and white Victorian picture that I like but I'm not sure if or which day I'll use it. I will keep you updated on page one!

Update: It does seem to be flattening out as it dries but I may have to put a heavy book on it. I also cut a piece of paper to put on the back of page one...I'll add more of course once the page is ready to be handled more...

Finished page shown below....I am just going to cover the backs of each one with either Christmas scrap paper or wrapping paper....and leave the pretty designs. I want to add more artsy stuff to future pages but time was limited tonight and I was determined to do page one....why get behind the very first day!

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