Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Art Journal Day Five

This is Day Five plus a card insert. The back of Day Four is the front of a card glues to the divider card. The Merry Christmas card is an insert and has journaling on the back where I write about Christmas memories..

This shows the page with the card turned. The Merry page was created with a hodge podge of materials I had. My goal was to create this art journal using my stash. I think I bought two 97 cent packs of chipboard accents at Walmart and that's it!!

On the Merry page I used scrapbook paper, Ho Ho Ho packaging tape, foam letters, a quotation I printed and a snippet from an old card that says Merry Christmas. You can also see I used a Merry form word on the opposite page tab!!  I guess you could call this my Merry page...:)

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