Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Crafty Kits Ideas


Since it's Crafty Kit Month....I decided to share a few more things I've discovered. Here's an idea from: Organizing Your Way.   It's actually set up as kits for kids for summmer boredom!  I think it would work great in the craft room/closet also to organize some projects that have lots of little pieces! 
kids boredom buster boxes
 Or...."go green" and reuse those pizza boxes for storage. Over at Giverslog she's organized the kids craft ideas inside pizza boxes. Very clever! You could do the same thing with your own projects and I know these boxes are very popular for storing 12 x 12 paper too!

And here's an idea I LOVE....cigar boxes...yes little plastic boxes work too but these are more artistic and look super cute as a decor item as well as storage for craft items. I love the idea so it's a flea market "to look for" for me now! I think they would be PERFECT for my art journal materials...I'm always collecting bits and pieces of stuff to use.  More details about this idea at: Just Something I Made

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Luludou said...

The cigar boxes are the best! love it. also like the tin lunch boxes.