Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy January Rudolph Day

This year for Rudolph Day, I will be sharing what I do each month on that Rudolph Day.  By posting about my actual “day” I hope to get a bit more accomplished and also give you some simple ideas of things you might want to try on Rudolph Day. Some months the Rudolph Day topic will be related to the monthly topic (for example January is Notebook Month) and some months I will go off in a different direction.

Here’s my January List:

      Host a There’s Snowflake Like You dinner party for some friends. I’ll share pictures this coming Theme Thursday at Rudolph Ramblings.

      Clean out my notebook. (Honestly this was mostly done but I did at least flip through it and add fresh pages).
I'm going to take you through the sections of my Christmas planner.  Above you see the front cover and below you see the first section: Calendars

After Calendars I have this section:

I have a list of the monthly themes as well as to do list and ideas for crafts and things I'd like to do on Rudolph Day.
This is one of my most used sections. I use it all year long for sending cards and other info when needed!

I love my stocking stuffer section. It's partly my stocking stuffer list and partly an idea file.
Then I have the rest of the sections. The dividers aren't nicely decorated but perhaps that is a little project I can work on during Rudolph Days this year to make the notebook a little prettier. The remaining sections are:
Gifts (holds all gift lists and ideas)
St Nicks Day (gifts and ideas to celebrate)
Elf Magic (a section for elf ideas)
Baking Plans (I list all cookies and copy recipe for the year in this section, also the master ingredients list goes here)
Then I have five sections devoted to parties and dinners:
Family Party
Party (this year it was an Elf Dinner Party)
Christmas Eve Dinner
Christmas Breakfast
Behind each of these sections are a couple of planner pages for planning menus and decor.

I invite you to join me each Rudolph Day and share what you do. You can post a comment letting us know and feel free to add a link to your blog if you post about Rudolph day there!

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