Thursday, January 31, 2013

There's Snowflake Like You

It's time for another Theme Thursday post and this week I am featuring my dinner party from Rudolph Day!  I called it..."There's Snowflake Like You" and of course it was a winter, snowflake theme,

Here's an overview of the table. It was a dinner party for six.  I used a color scheme of blue, white, and silver. I thought that gave it a "chilly" feel.  First of all I want to make it clear that I don't spend a fortune on dinner parties.  I do however strive to have things look nice and to have a bit of fun.  Over the years I have collected things either as gifts or on clearance, nothing "high end". I try to use lots of what I already have and then just add a little to make it "come together".
Let me tell you about this frugal table.  The lovely blue chargers were bought at Michaels on clearance for 59 cents each. YES you heard right 59 cents!  They are a great addtion because I can use them for winter/snow themes and they will also look great as part of a spring table.
The blue plastic wear is sort of sparkly and icy looking. (Walmart 1.00 on clearance)  and the napkins are the with a foil border (Walmart clearance 1.00)
The plates, bowls, and dessert plates are part of a set I bought after Christmas several years ago...again on clearance for 5 dollars for a set for four. (I bought three sets so I could do a 12 place party if I wanted. They have a small silver ring on them and look nice with lots of themes.
The wine glasses I bought at Gordmann's last year on clearance (I think I got 12 for ten dollars). Attatched to them are little snowmen wine charms that my husband gave me as a little Christmas gift this year. He likes to indulge my little theme escapades.
The centerpiece my daughter picked up on clearance for me after Christms for 5 dollars at Walmart. The pinecones have some sivler glitter like substance on them that gives them an icy look. The little snowflakes are blue, white, and silver and are scattered over the table. You guessed it...clearance (Michaels like 1.50 for a BIG bucket which included letters and other shapes)
Last but not least the little snowmen bags. I didn't have the ties on them when I snapped this picture. I bought these at Oriental Trading probably about five years ago. They were in a set and have Christmas ones too like Santa etc. I'm still using up my "stash" so I thought of them when I was putting together a party favor.  Inside is "winter care"...a little bottle of lotion (clearance at Walgreens 59 cents), Nivea chapstick from Dollar Tree, and hand sanitizer (lots of germs out in winter).

So that's it....a There's Snowflake Like You! dinner party for pennies. Of course there was food which can be an expense but I tried to budget it into the grocery budget.
Vegetable tray with dip
Ceasar Salad
Baked Potato Soup
I'll see you next Thursday with another Theme Thursday post, until then take care and find a way to "theme up" your life!


Michelle said...

I love it...and the fact that you got all that stuff on clearance. My kind of gal. Good Job!!

Luludou said...

Next time you have a dinner party, I'm coming over!
Love the big blue plates!!

Pamela said...

Great table! I hosted a Favorite Things party earlier this year and scored square glass cutting boards with a vintage wine label design at Michael's for 90% off. They turned out to be $1 each. Love those clearance sales!