Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy February Rudolph Day!

It's February Rudolph Day. February is all about crafts so on Rudolph Day...I'm going to work on the craft room. Not totally Rudolph related but definitely needed. I wanted to show you some of the work so far....

This are little tote bags that I bought on clearance several years ago for like 50 cents each.  They have been lingering so I decided to put them to work as craft storage.  They are right now holding some various odds and ends but once things are a little further along I plan on making them the ribbon, string and garland storage "spot."
Several years ago I bought a paper storage tower, which has like 18 slots in it for 12 x 12 paper. I like the concept but I hate the hodge podge look of the tower with all of the paper on the shelves. Recently, after measuring I decided to buy some plain white pizza boxes that fit perfectly in the little sections. I labeled them by color and also have some for patterns, holiday, and seasons. Now the tower looks super organized! AND before you say it...I know they may not be acid free but I'm willing to use them to get a better organized look!

Here's another tower with different sized boxes (these are acid free). I bought some of them at Walmart and some at Hobby Lobby. They work well for organizing stuff by theme or as shown here the stuff for creating calendars.

You can find these little organizers at dollar stores, Target dollar spot and other places. This one hangs on the back of the door and holds tags, ribbons and other small todbits for wrapping.

Now you would think from the pictures that I have everything under control...NOT....there is still a ton of stuff to sort through and organize. Three fourths of the room is total chaos. I'm hoping slowly but surely to get it under control.

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