Thursday, February 14, 2013

Theme Thursday: Red and White Stuff

It's time for another Theme Thursday post and I'll be sharing some random red and white things. Pull them together and you can make some sweet table settings.

Here are a couple styles of glasses that I've picked up. The tumblers look like stained glass and are specific to Christmas. The other style is actually plastic, picked up on clearance at Walmart and can be used for Christmas or other themes.

These are a flea market find...little red dessert cups. I actually think they are Avon. I have a set of 8. So cute for Christmas or Valentine's Day.
This is a little minature set also picked up at the flea market. So cute on a little white doily in the center of a table with some table scatter around it.

Here's a little snowman I just received Christmas 2012. He's actually a little candy jar. I love his red and white scarf.

Here's an inexpensive table setting and can be used for red and white or for a snow/snowman theme. The charger is from a dollar store and the plate and bowl are flea market finds. I have a set of four. I'm always on the lookout for snowman or Christmas dishes because they look cute mixed and matched so even if it's not a full set I am tempted to pick it up!
Here it is without the bowl so you can see the plate better. the chargers get lots of use because they are great for Christmas and look great using a white plate at Valentine's Day. I have also used them for 4th of July table settings and with fall colored plates in autumn.

So I hope you like my assortment of red and white finds. With a little imagination it is simple to pull together some cute tables!


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