Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Thoughts

So last night the Christmas anxiety struck. You know what I mean... the...."oh my gosh"...I'll never get everything I want to get done accomplished before December 25th. It was time for a good nights sleep and a game plan today. First of all I reminded myself to take each day, each event as it comes.  It's when I start listing them all and worrying about how they will unfold that the anxiety strikes.
It doesn't help that the shopping is not done either. In our early lean years I couldn't shop until payday but this year I have the Christmas cash I've saved all's just getting to the stores. I ordered all that I could online and I hope a couple quick trips will help me round out the list. It also doesn't help that I'm "stuck" on a few WHAT to get. I know that I will relax a lot more once I'm finished. It's always an awesome feeling.
We have several events we are hosting this year and I've already completed two of them with the third coming up on Saturday morning, a North Pole Breakfast with grandson Evan and some of my friend's children. Its a day full of elfish delights. The last two years we have had an Elf Dinner but this year with everyone's bust schedules a breakfast just worked better. There's more to come though...
Feliz Navidad ,,,Mexican Dinner/Happy Hour
Dips, Chips, and Desserts Happy Hour
Christmas Eve Dinner
Christmas Breakfast
Those are the ones I'm hosting....we also have our trip to Historic St Charles with friends for the great Santa adventure. They have Santas from all around the world!  Then on December 21st we are off to the Fox Theater to see A Christmas Story.
Nestled in the month are church programs, elf missions, and other holiday fun too!
You can see why the anxiety tends to creep in but overall I LOVE it all. And best of all when the snow flies next month and I'm snowed in...I'll be ready for some peaceful quiet days.

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Terri Steffes said...

Did you know I was from St. Charles, too? I don't think I knew that about you! That's awesome!