Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Rudolph Day Plans

Okay tomorrow is May first so time to start thinking about May Rudolph Day. This month I will use the items from my personal list...which happens to be the same as the ones listed on the May Monthly Magic list.....well duh....cause I wrote them both!!! LOL

  • Finalize Baking Plans (4 cookies and 2 candies) I know it seems awfully early but last year I kept putting this off and in the end I felt stressed and rushed.
  • Update Christmas Recipe Notebook...I thought this was a natural to go along with the first item on the list. And with the next items also.
  • Finalize menu plans for ALL events. I have planner sheets for any major events I plan on hosting as well as a "cheat sheet" where I list carry in and party dishes for events we are invited to...where we are expected to bring a dish. I'll pop back in in a few days and provide you with the list of all events, just as a reference or idea for your own.
  • Buy four gifts. I am trying really hard to get ahead of the game but it is a little difficult sometimes!!!

So those are the four main biggies for MAY...I think I might start working on them a little early this month!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rudolph Days 2008 May-November

In keeping with Cathy's challenge...I created a Rudolph Day list for the rest of the year!

  • Finalize baking plans
  • Update Christmas Recipe Notebook
  • Finalize menu plans for all events
  • Buy 4 gifts


  • Create master shopping list for each event
  • Create master shopping list for baking
  • Stocking Stuffers (shop shop shop) Finish!!!
  • Buy 4 gifts
  • Make a decor plan for each room sort/label boxes


  • Christmas in July Crafty gifts (4)
  • Make Christmas cards (40)
  • Buy 4 gifts
  • Update ALL lists


  • Finish all 24 day gifts
  • Wrap and store all 24 day gifts
  • Buy 4 gifts


  • Final set up of notebook for 2008 (the rush is on)
  • Update all lists
  • Review decor planning
  • Buy 4 gifts


  • Start shopping from master grocery list
  • Buy 4 gifts
  • Get wish list from ALL people
  • Crafty gifts (4)


  • Buy any remaining gifts
  • Make and mail party invitations
  • Address cards, write letter, mail early


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Rudolph Book & Movie Club Selections

April 2008

Movie: Meet John Doe

Book: The Christmas Shoes

I hope to be able to get to participate in the book and movie club more. The year is slipping away and I'm missing all the fun!!!

Rudolph Day List from April Monthly Magic

Here are the four Rudolph Day items from the April Monthly Magic list:

1. Inventory your Christmas DVDs, videos, and books.

2. Add to your cash for Christmas fund

3. Make your Christmas cards

4. Make a twenty four days of Christmas activities list. Create kits for the activities.

April Rudolph Day Challenge

Each month I will post a Rudolph Day Challenge. The challenge will be one part of my basic three approach as it will either be “for fun”, a planning item, or involve taking some action to “do” something. The Challenge will be an additional item not one of the ideas listed on the Monthly Magic list. This is a challenge to make us stretch ourselves and do just a little bit more each month. The challenge can be completed anytime BEFORE Rudolph Day. It does not have to be done on Rudolph Day itself.

The April Rudolph Day Challenge is a PLANNING item.

***Get your Master Christmas list. Beside each person’s name on the list write at least two gift ideas. Search online for ideas!

This challenge is particularly important because it is the foundation for gift giving. Even if you end up buying something else you have ideas to fall back on! When you have completed the challenge post a comment here. I'm working on another little reward for Challenge completers...but more about that later!!!