Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 12 Christmas in July

Day 12!!! Today I'm going to focus on BAKING....I have not made up the DIBS bags yet and today is a good day to work on at least a few sets of those! I am also planning to make some Hidden Treasures cookies to try out a recipe and see how those work out! I might make some of our favorite No Bakes too just to have some snacks for the week!

With the focus on the kitchen and baking today it's a good time also to keep that master ingredients list handy ....I still have not finished compiling it like I wanted the Christmas notebook will hang out with me in the kitchen today as I clean, organize, experiment with cookies, and put together DIBS....I'll add some notes here and there as things pop into my head!

It won't be all fun and games because I will be working around the kitchen cleaning as well but it just "works for me" to focus on one room a day otherwise I find myself running here, there, and everywhere and accomplishing VERY little!

But and it... so the kitchen (with a little cleaning and decluttering) can become my FAVORITE room in the house. Nice and comfy!! Welcoming and Inviting...the center of our home!!!

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