Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 14 Christmas in July

Day 14....and the focus is is part one of our virtual and organizing the gift closet. So I will be working on that from 8-12 and hopefully make some is sort of a mess right now.

I have three categories of gifts..

  • 24 Days of Christmas gifts. These gifts are given on December 1st in a bag...each is individually wrapped and numbered so they can be opened one each day. Most are smaller gifts...gum, notepad, ornament etc...but just something fun to build up the excitement during the month...LOL This year quite a few of the ones I am giving are crafted items.
  • Stocking all know what these are. Little fun gifts to tuck in the stockings. Last year some of mine ended up being too large for the this year I am working a bit on that aspect!
  • Gifts for Family and Friends...this is the BIG one! I also pick up some little work gifts also so need to access how things are going with all these gifts!

Off to do a couple things so I can give the gifts my full attention here in a short while...if I do really well...I may reward myself with a trip to Target later....maybe the dollar spot will help fill some needs on the Stocking or 24 Days gifts list!


Shakerwood said...

Exactly when do you sleep?? Or do you come up with your great ideas WHILE you are asleep? You are such an inspiration.

Cathy Miller said...

Isn't she fabulous? She is such an inspiration to me...I just think she's really inspires while one sleeps, then they switch!