Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 15 Christmas in July

Looking for some quick, easy, and cute stocking stuffer ideas or small gifts...or to tuck into a basket? How about some small packets of bath salts? You could create a whole Bath Spa basket and include three-six different packets of bath salts...these are sooo easy to make your self and inexpensive as well. The one featured above is created with a stamp from a Stampin up set but really you are only limited by your imagination...you could do cute little pictures that depict the kind of bath salt...like if you make Vanilla Milk Shake Bath Salts...include a picture of a little milk shake. Or if you use the Candy Cane Bath Salts include a candy cane picture! You wouldn't be able to layer them red and white...in the bag but a nice pretty red or pink bath salt is attractive in the bag. I would also recommend: Peaches and Cream Bath Salts

Or make your labels all Christmasy: Mrs. Claus's Christmas Eve Salts or The Elves' Peppermint Delight....well you get the idea....plenty of fun to be had with these cute little bath salt packets!! As you can see in the photos the paper is folded over and there is a picture on the front. I didn't get a good photo of the back but it includes a little set of directions for using the bath salts. You could also include a little bath salts poem...if you do the Christmas ones. I might try my hand at writing one and post it a bit later!
PS: We have also made these with a picture of a baby in a bath tub and gave them out as little party favors at a baby shower...I'll try to get a picture of one of those later to share with you!

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BloggyMom said...

That is a great idea-- love the card design.