Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 22 Christmas in July

Today is Day 22...and it's Tuesday...which means it's TO DO LIST TUESDAY...what a perfect time to start some lists for the Magic Elves. You can make a list of some escapades the elves can do when they visit or a list of gifts or elf activities. Here are some we have used in the past:
  • They decoarate a miniature tree during the night
  • They make green popcorn (or red)
  • They escape and end up on the front porch
  • They climb ino the branches of our big tree
  • They make cookies and leave a mess
  • They hide in the freezer where it reminds them of the North Pole
  • They read books during the night and leave a picture of themselves doing it
  • They make us breakfast
  • They leave instructions and materials for an art project
  • They turn on Christmas music...really really loud in the morning

Well those are just a few ideas...but you get the idea...so make some lists today!!!

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