Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 24 Christmas in July

DAY 24...I hear that this evening starts the QVC...Christmas in July...I want to watch a bit of that later tonight as I never have before! I was a bit disappointed in the HSN one so maybe I'll actually find a few things this go round!

When college shopping with Kelsey today and she FINALLY managed to find a comforter bed set that suited her...gosh, everything was either too bright, too faded looking or in some horrid color or pattern!!!! So this week we managed to mark two big items off her list...a cute little red microwave we bought at Target and then the bedding set!! YIPPEE

Not a lot of Christmas getting accomplished here...but hey I also picked up three stocking stuffers so that's awesome...if I keep this up I might eventually finish this project!

As soon as I get the new notebook set up...I'll take some pictures...also want to get pics up of the Post-it note holders and the drink carrier...when I get one finished!!

Really tired...may need to go take a nap....more later!

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