Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 5 Christmas in July

The focus for today is organizing and getting a grip on the Gratitude Brunch and the Christmas Tea I am planning. This means...dates (tentative), menus and theme ideas. I also need to do the DIBS shopping list as we are going to the discount grocery store AND I need a craft list also....dear me...that's a lot but if I can manage it at least I will have the things I need to do stuff in the coming week!!

I do recommend the salad recipe from yesterday and HERE it is...this would make a nice additon to a buffet table or Christmas or Christmas Eve dinner...nice and tasty and a bit different too!

Bacon Swiss Tossed Salad

1/2 cup mayo (honestly I would use 3/4 cup..the half just wasn't enough but I might have had too much lettuce.
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper
6 cups mixed salad greens
1 medium red onion sliced...I would family didn't like the larger chunks of onion
1 package (10 ounce) frozen peas (thawed)
8 ounces sliced swiss cheese (julienned)
1 lb bacon cooked and crumbled (I used two packs of bacon bits..Oscar Mayer)

In a small bowl combine the mayo sugar, salt and pepper. In a large bowl layer a third of the salad greens, a third of the mayo mixture and then onion, peas and cheese. Repeat the layers twice cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Just before serving add the bacon and toss. Yield 6-8 servings.

PS: I would resist the urge to use shredded swiss because I really think the strips added a nice touch to the time if I have more time I will use real bacon and see how that affects it BUT overall it was very good and I got lots of compliments on it!!

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