Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 7 Christmas in July

Things have been moving along smoothly so far but I hope to get more accomplished this week. Today I will be working on Stocking Stuffers and Craft Items...those will be my main focus...along of course with thousands of other "home" things that have to be dealt with ...LOL...

  • Recipes: I am on the last book from the library and then I can return the three recipe books!!!

  • Baking Plans: I am going to fill in that baking planner today if I have to just make something up....LOL

  • Menus: Making progress here as you can see from yesterday's post...still a few more to get in place however!

  • Stocking Stuffers...this is from yesterday but it did not get accomplished...gather them...and get some sort of order to them or I will end up with a big confusing MESS

  • Craft Items: I want to get my supplies gathered so I can see what else I need to pick up! Ideally putting together some craft kits so I can grab and work as I have some time!

  • Notebook: work on my lists...updating and filling in as I go

Well that's a lot...who knows...this might be my list for the whole week!!

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