Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 9 Christmas in July

Yesterday's virtual crop/crafting was fun. I actually got something accomplished!! LOL...we had a small but mighty group and I think posting helped keep us going so we would have something to post about!! I have to look at the Calendar and get our next Christmas in July crop/craft set up...We had some people drop by to read and visit with us even though they weren't able to join in the crop...which was nice too...just like having friends drop by.

We will look at the possibility of doing it once a month if there is interest from the members at MHH. So let me know if it is something you would like to see featured once a month!

Today's CIJ...for me is going to be CALM....(I think) never know around here...but I have quite a bit of "regular" stuff to get accomplished today! So on the list for Christmas:

  • Watch Olive the Other Reindeer...didn't get to it yesterday
  • Read Part One: A Christmas Guest (our CIJ book)

I have tons of other "to dos" but I won't bore you with them...LOL....good luck everyone and I hope you are at least getting a few things done during this glorious month of holiday focus!

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