Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Home Tour 2008

This is a little snowman nativity set. I have it tucked into the china cabinet along with some other snow people and little tea sets.
One of my favorite signs made by my sister inlaw....We Believe in Santa!!!!

These are some stitched signs that I picked up a couple years ago...they are nice and simple with a country touch. The alternating red and green frames and matting make them a lovely accent and I have used them in a variety of ways.

Another favorite sign....All Hearts Come Home for Christmas!!!

Our looks a little drab in the picture cause the lights didn't show up but it is lovely at night with the lights twinkling. I topped it with a Boyds Bear angel this year! Picked up at the flea market for three dollars!
Heres a section of a rag garland with hearts and snowmen...I usually hang it across the top of the dry sink but I took it down to get a better picture for you!

A photo of the snowmen sign that hangs above the dry sink right inside our living room door! I love the rustic twigs that are glued on the frame!

Another section of the rag garland.

This is the dry sink this year with a photo display...every year I try something new on this surface. You can see the snowman material draped over the back. I have material for all the holidays and seasons and change it up each adds a simple easy festive element to the living room and sooooo simple!!!

The angel that watches over the nativity set!

Here is my Mexican nativity set...I am finding it is made of clay and quite fragile. I like the antique box as the stable but it is a little too plain for next year I will add a bit of straw.

A little metal...Letters to Santa tin mailbox...the end comes off so you can roll up your note or letter and tuck it inside. Purchased after Christmas for 50% off!!!
A Santa key for houses without chimineys....purchased at Siler Dollar City!

A patriotic Santa that I won at a party a few years ago....I like to hang an assortment of things from pegs and shelves...and he is one of my faves!

A closer look at some of my many Santas...this year my goal is to pack and inventory this collection a bit better.

Another section of the display and the old Christmas train I picked up at the flea market.

This is just a small part of my Santa collection. As I decided to simplify this year....I just picked a few to display!

Pictures and signs above the Santa display!

Just a few of the many snowmen I have...these are tucked on a shelf in the china cabinet!

The left side of the Christmas village displayed on the shelf above the love seat.
The middle section of the village.

The right end section of the village display.

A little sign that hangs under the village display.
A few more snowpeople....

This little white child's cabinet sits in my kitchen. Here is a close up of a minature tea set, a child's tea set and three magic elves. Below is another view of the cabinet.

Another kitchen little tree is decorated with Christmas wine charms and I picked up the two coffee pots at the flea market for a couple of bucks.

I'm not really happy with this display. The shelf was empty and we were expecting company so I just threw up some random things...LOL

This old metal water pitcher with poinsettas sits on top of the Hoosier cabinet.!!!

This is a glass jar that I filled with mini pumpkins and gourds for fall and decided to fill it with icy stones and a couple of snowflake ornaments....not sure how I like it but....I like experimenting....LOL....

Well that's it for my 2008 Holiday Home Tour...hope you enjoyed off to visit the other blogs in the tour!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Rudolph Day 2009

Well I haven't written anything in awhile here at Rudolph Day Ramblings...but not gonna beat myself up over it...LIFE happens....LOL.

With December comes the Ultimate Rudolph Day...CHRISTMAS. So we will start anew in 2009...January 25th will be the first Rudolph Day and my main plan will be to review the monthly Rudolph Day Lists from 2008 and see what needs to be tweaked or rearranged...what worked? what didn't? Are there items that need to be moved to another month? etc.

SO MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone...I'll be back mid December to post my Holiday Home Tour pics fopr our first annual Holiday Tour!!!