Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy June Rudolph Day

Not going to get a lot of Rudolph stuff accomplished today due to getting ready for my vacation. I will play some Christmas music and think "snowy" thoughts.

Rudolph Day is a wonderful way to have a bit of Christmas fun and get ready for Christmas at the same time. I have learned to plan some small managable things each month. It's always easy for me to over plan and then feel discouraged. So this year I've planned small things that can be fun but also move me toward being ready for Christmas. In addition, I have set some time lines for certain things.

For example: July is Finish Stocking Stuffer month and August is the Month of the by getting those two things out of the way early I can continue to move toward a more organized Christmas. In addition, I will use August to at least assess where I am on the St. Nick gifts. I have some things to use but I need to get a better idea of how this is going to unfold. (1st year of doing it)

These are small things that can have a big impact. I tend to over buy little gifts for stockings, elf gifts, and such so this will limit that because I will be done with those aspects of the plan. There are tons of little things that come out during the Christmas season but realistically they are "cute" and that's about it. How many Christmas notepads does a person

I already feel a bit behind (lol) as I meant to have a lot more done by this time of the year but I will just continue to work my plan step by step.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Treasured Find #1

I found a set of dishes at the flea market. It's the four piece place setting you see above x4. So it is for four people! I already have a green snowman set which I love but figured with this little set I could mix and match the dishes...And with snowmen they are good through February where i live! What a find for four bucks.
Here's a close up of one of the plates so you can get a better look at the snowmen and the snowflakes. The border is a deep red color which looks almost brown here in the picture. I didn't really need them...but alas....I bought them anyway and for the price one can hardly complain!