Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Art Journal Day 4

I have several shots of Day Four because I added some little details like a card insert and also a little mini page protector insert.

This is the first picture. The back of the day three page is a card front plus I added some three dimensional snowflakes. I also added the foam tag Santa. The Joy is also a card front which I thought was pretty. As you can see right now I still have the album bound with twine. I started out using those binder rings and they worked great...except as the album got chunkier they kept coming loose and it was difficult to turn pages. The next time I am at Michael's I am going to see if they have larger rings.

This second picture shows the back of the JOY card. I covered it with red and white polka dotted paper and some lace paper. I also cut out the Saint Charles insert from a paper we had describing the event. Inside the little Santa gift tag I glued a little paragraph I journaled/typed up about our day. On the opposite page you see a little two card plastic insert. It is holding two of the cards we collected from the Santas that day. They had Santa's from around the world and other characters like the reindeer instructor. Each one handed out cards.

This third picture shows the last part of page four. I used the red and white paper again and a small piece of a card and a glitter three dimensional holly leaf. Then I glued a card from the event that shows the Frontier Santa and an actual picture of Evan with the Frontier Santa that we took that day. You can see the backs of the cards that are in the insert. They decribe a little about whichever character is pictured on the card and they are also number. There are 33 cards to collect. We got a lot of cards but not all 33.  This is one of my favorite pages because it was such a fun Christmas outing and I like all the elements I had to add to this day!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Art Journal Day Three

This is shot one of Day Three. The page on the left is created with an old Christmas card front, some sticking lace trim and a little foam sticker that says Merry. the insert is another Christmas card front that is really pretty. The picture doesn't really show it but the snowflakes are foil like and are three dimensional.

This is the second shows the back of the card to which I attached a printed Victorian Santa picture. The other page highlights the silent auction item I made for our school Christmas party and fundraiser. We raise money for the local Adopt a Family Christmas. I used scrapbook paper, the cards I had printed for my basket and then added the silver star is also what I tied the basket up with! :)   I like this page more for the memories it evokes than for the actually "artsyness" of it.

With that being said, I had the most difficult time with days where I did not have a certain theme or event to work with. The whole idea of December Daily is to find an event or theme or idea from the day to work with. I didn't really follow the December Daily blog/ideas list etc for a reason. When I tried Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas a few years back I got totally overwhelmed with the GREATNESS everyone else was creating and I was either behind, short on creativity, or short on this year I wanted to do it totally on my own using materials i had on hand. I still received the Journal Your Christmas prompts in my mailbox everday too because once you take the class you get the stuff every year which is awesome. I think I opened one to take a look. the rest are unopened. There are some cool printables etc so I am going to look at and print etc ones I want during Christmas in July....I will open an email each day and look at materials etc!

In 2012 I will most likely check the December Daily for inspiration but still do what ever strikes me. Who knows I might even open those Journal Your Christmas emails for even more creative inspiration. That's it for today. I discovered some other great things during the art journal process which I'll share with you as the "day" comes up where the thought actually hit

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Art Journal Day Two

So the front cover that I posted yesterday was actually Day One. The next time I do the Christmas Art Journal I will make a cover and then start Day One of the first page. So that is the first thing I learned from the process. It's NOT a must but something different I want to do next time. I was somewhat limited because I used the index card dividers and there were exactly 25 of those.  Another thing is I have a love-hate relationship with the little index tabs that stick out. I know a lot of Christmas journals I saw pictures of, have them, but some times they are hard to work with, blending them in some meaningful way into the art.

This is page is one of those pages that evolved over time. The Dicken's quotation is on the back of the cover page. I originally wanted to just use pretty papers on the backs but then they looked so "empty" that I just couldn't leave them be.  The other page I consider a "cheat" because it is really the front of an old Christmas card...but I loved I used it. In the future pages you will see more cards but most of them I used as inserts rather than as the page itself. 

Another thing I tried to "let go of" was the idea that the two pages had to "coordinate". See here the quotations page does not at all "match" the other page. This is another thing I have a love-hate relationship with.  I tend to want "matching looks" but then it appears more "scrapbooky" and less art journally. I find that the binding allows me to look at each page by itself so its less important. I also strived to use only materials I already had in my stash so that meant things did not always "match".

So I picked the card front because I loved it and the quotation because I loved can one go wrong with things loved??

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Christmas Art Journal Project Day One

So I did it.....I completed the Christmas Art Journal was a bit of a challenge....some pages I love...and some are just ho hum. A few days I had to really work at figuring out what in the world to focus on. December is always a little I started writing about the art journal December 1st and 2nd and then stopped blogging....I had to choose to work on the journal or blog...couldn't manage both!!  I did post some pictures on Facebook along the way.  Often I'd find myself adding "one more thing" to a page so that sometimes the page transformed AFTER I took a picture. Since that is the case I thought it might be fun to blog about the pages during the dreary month of at Rudolph Ramblings, Each post will show a picture or two of the journal pages. Something I hadn't taken into consideration was the 'backs" of the pages...I wanted to keep it simple and tried just focusing on the page but then the blank backs just didn't seem to work for I ended up doing them also. In addition, I added inserts throughout....making this a chunky little book. I'm still not sure about the binding. I started out using rings but the book seems to have outgrown those so I used twine.

So the picture above is the chunky little book....I painted it using scrapbook paint and then added some details. I'm not completely satisfied with the cover but it is...what it is! I hope you'll join me here at Rudolph we travel through the art journal and the process I went through in creating it.

Also over at Ginger's Journey....I'm going to participate in a 2012 creative challenge called Index Card a Day....this has been around for awhile but I'm always a day late and a dollar I'm just getting into it starting January 1, 2012.

Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2nd Art Journal

Here it is....Day 2!  I feel like I need more "writing" so maybe Day 3 will include lots...I found a stash of the fronts of old cards from last they are going to be a great resource for the art journal!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Art Journal

So today I found this package of index card dividers....they were the 5 x 8 size and I thought hmmm....maybe I could play around with these and create a Christmas Art Journal....they aren't as stiff as chipboard but they are cheap and easy to punch holes in for the rings or perhaps I'll use ribbon. December's a busy time but I am going to work on my art journal throughout December. It has 25 pages so perfect for one a day from here until Christmas...and if I miss a day I can do it the week after Christmas. My goal is 25 pages...I started out by painting the first page for today. It buckled up a little so I probably won't use any more paint although it was the scrap book paint so perhaps I can get it to flatten out. I'm waiting for it to dry. I'm going to use the little tabs to put a number 1-25 on them to chronical the month.


I'm not sure exactly what it will look is an art journal afterall. :)  I printed off a black and white Victorian picture that I like but I'm not sure if or which day I'll use it. I will keep you updated on page one!

Update: It does seem to be flattening out as it dries but I may have to put a heavy book on it. I also cut a piece of paper to put on the back of page one...I'll add more of course once the page is ready to be handled more...

Finished page shown below....I am just going to cover the backs of each one with either Christmas scrap paper or wrapping paper....and leave the pretty designs. I want to add more artsy stuff to future pages but time was limited tonight and I was determined to do page one....why get behind the very first day!