Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Rudolph Day 2012

It's the first Rudolph Day of the year!!  I'm going to share some inspiration with you!

Pinned Image
I have this cute little box pinned over at Pinterest and I wanted to link to the original source but for some reason the link over there just goes to the picture not the source. Its says but when I try going there...I can't find it. I wanted to share it with you here though because I think it is adorable...and a different way to organize for Christmas rather than a notebook!
subway art christmas card
Next we have a printable subway art card from Christmas Your Way.  I think it would be cute framed also!

Isn't this GREAT....find it and some other examples over at Mamie Jane's.  I'm going to be on the look out for old Scrabble games at the flea market and resale shops!  Oh, and yardstcks too!


This is on my craft list for 2012. I love the vintage look and these are sweet!  You can find these and other vintage ideas over at Flea Market Style.

That's it for January....I hope you enjoy the ideas I picked to share with you!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas Art Journal: Day Nine

This is Day Nine and the Day of Evan's preschool program. The page on the left is the front of the bulletin from the program and the page on the left is scrapbook paper and the post card that we received about the program.  I added a little mini insert...a page out of a calendar that I received inside a crd for Christmas 2012....I tore loose all the calendars except the one for Decemeber 2011 and then cirlced the program date on the little calendar. I unhooked part of it to the take the picture so I could move it aside and you could see the page beneath it.

Here's the back of the calendar insert...I typed up the songs he sang etc. You think you are always going to remember those things,....but honestly you don't! Or you don't remember whcih year was which!  Then I added a pciture of him from that night taken by the tree!

This is the part of the art journal where things got a little dicey...things were BUSY by December 9th. Sometimes I just created the page and left a space for the picture or the journaling and then completed that later.  I think for 2012 I will create the base pages first and then during December I'll just need to add the theme, journaling etc.  This year the color scheme was all over the place and sort of chunky and messy...I used what I had, took some risks trying different things etc. It was nice!  If I do base pages I will most likely pick a color or style theme. I am considering doing Victorian because I love that art etc....might be harder to get things like the Christmas programs and stuff with Evan to fit "into" the theme but we will see. The base pages are something I am considering for my Christmas in July project.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Art Journal-Day 8

On Day 8 I used a cut out from an ad and then glued Evan's Santa wish list to it...The Joy of Christmas is a card insert and on the back I journaled things that bring me Joy!!!

In this picture you can see the back of the card insert with the journaling and also the opposite page which is the rest of Day 8. I just cut out some sayings and glued them on.

Hint for some cheap materials....the quotation is cut out of a cheapy book that I picked up at a Dollar tree for one buck I had a little book I could cut up and use in the art journal. Saved me a little time in typing and printing. I actually bought two different ones so I have pages left over I can use for Christmas 2012 too.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Art Journal- Day 7

Day Seven became a Santa page. Evan saw so many Santas this year he was probably like "what the heck!".  This is the Santa picture from Bass Pro...the start of our day that ended with the light display in O'Fallon. We crammed a lot into one day...Bass Pro which had crafts and things plus Santa, Historic St Charles with Santas from around the world and then the lights.

I used scrapbook paper, some embellishments, printed words from computer, and a picture...I like this page,,,,it says: CHRISTMAS!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Art Journal-Day Six

Day Six I focused on the church theme for Advent. This shows the pages with a little insert (the striped and tagged page) On the back of the insert I typed up the four elements of the Advent Conspiracy. The left page is a Christmas card front and some scrapbook music paper featuring a Christmas hymn.

This is the right page behind the insert...I used the front of the church bulletin, a small cut out from a flyer from church about the Advent Conspiracy and some black letters. I don't know why but I really like page six. Maybe because it focuses on a real event from this year. There are future pages that do also and they too are some of my faves. I like the other more generic pages too but having a daily focus makes the page come together so much easier! It's just hard during the busy days to find a "focus."

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Art Journal Day Five

This is Day Five plus a card insert. The back of Day Four is the front of a card glues to the divider card. The Merry Christmas card is an insert and has journaling on the back where I write about Christmas memories..

This shows the page with the card turned. The Merry page was created with a hodge podge of materials I had. My goal was to create this art journal using my stash. I think I bought two 97 cent packs of chipboard accents at Walmart and that's it!!

On the Merry page I used scrapbook paper, Ho Ho Ho packaging tape, foam letters, a quotation I printed and a snippet from an old card that says Merry Christmas. You can also see I used a Merry form word on the opposite page tab!!  I guess you could call this my Merry page...:)