Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Travelers

Christmas Travelers by Wally White is a delightful tale of Christmas travel, the importance of family, and the true meaning of Christmas joy.
When a group of weary and not too happy travelers encounter each other in their quest for togetherness on Christmas day, they soon learn that Christmas is about more than just repeating the same things every year!
Holly will be familiar to anyone that has carried a child during the holiday season. She's tired and lonely and longing for family. In this tale she learns a bit more about what family truly is.
Jacq, (a busy business woman with some sadness of her own) learns you can't hide from Christmas even when you want to. No matter where you are, Christmas morning still comes!
The delightful Nellie, bestows Christmas wisdom to her fellow travelers and in the end, each will learn the true lesson of Christmas as they come together in the true ways of a family.
This is an easy read and one that is sure to brighten the heart and put some real Christmas spirit into your season! Embark on the journey with these travelers and learn a lesson or two of your own.
Christmas Travelers is available in paperback or on Kindle at Amazon.  POST A COMMENT to be entered in a drawing to win this copy!