Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Rudolph Day

Over at Magical Holiday Home you can read about the slant I am taking with Rudolph Day this year.

The posts at MHH will focus on defining what I want Christmas 2014 to look like and more importantly feel like. It will be a personal reflection on holiday traditions that may need to be dropped, or downsized or changed in some way. It will also be about making the things I "keep" more enjoyable!  I started thinking about this when I read the book I featured here: The Christmas Travelers. Sometimes holding on to things, or events or doing things the same way every year can be too confining. It's ok to "skip something" one year, or do something a little different. If you don't like it you can always go back to the old way!
I don't really want to repost the same thing here at Rudolph Ramblings because some people read both blogs and it would just seem a bit mundane!  Yet I want to approach my Rudolph Day posts a little differently. I love round ups and sharing things I find online (there are just so many good ideas) but I also know there are hundreds of bloggers doing just that (and some of them far better than I do). So I asked myself..."what can I post on Rudolph Day that will be different and yet truly mine/me?"
I have a vague idea in my head but it's not quite to the point yet where I want to commit to it or share it with you. Hopefully by February Rudolph Day I will have the idea fully developed and ready to roll out here at Rudolph's Ramblings.
My 2014 Word is CELEBRATE...I have a lot to celebrate and I'm excited to be sharing some of my more personal and hopefully meaningful thoughts and ideas with you. Happy Rudolph Day...may you open the jar and partake of some Christmas spirit!